Welcome to Express Imaging Services, Inc.

Advanced Solutions in Document Retrieval

Established in 1999, Express Imaging Services (EIS) provides advanced solutions in the requisition of medical records for life insurance and financial professionals across the nation. EIS utilizes secure portals and advanced technologies to transfer and receive confidential information between provider and requestor. With global retrieval capabilities, EIS provides a level of service to its customers that far exceed industry standards. As a HIPAA compliant company, EIS is the most secure and cost effective provider to quickly and efficiently maneuver through the detailed processing and security regulations involved in the release of confidential information.

Our philosophy emphasizes customer satisfaction, which we achieve by offering services designed specifically to meet each of our clients' unique requirements and workflow environments. Strategic partnerships extend an added convenience and further ensure all requests are received, processed and forwarded to authorized recipients, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Our detail-oriented staff is experienced in the complicated procedures and protocols for securing confidential files. Customers across the nation experience a 8-day (average) return on their orders.

EIS is committed to providing exemplary service and cost effective solutions. Our core principals are to serve our community of professionals with integrity, implement best practices with consideration for all parties, and to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships.