What is AccessPoint?
AccessPoint gives you the ability to control the record retrieval process on your own, via a secure, online portal. This includes performing searches, managing status updates, facilitating payments and simplifying the reimbursement process.

EIS is the only vendor in the market that provides a client-directed service platform. The system was developed to support ongoing enhancements and updates, specifically designed to respond to, and simplify the client experience.

Self-Managed Platform
Provider Database Access
Receive APS's Directly From Providers
Provider Payment Process
Secure eFax

Access to facility information is a critical step in the record retrieval process. Clients are able to utilize an extensive database to search for doctors and medical facilities. The database contains important and specific information on how to secure records from any health care facility including copy times, medical record personnel, fax and office numbers, cost of records, in-house copy service information, average turn-around times, access to special authorizations, and much more. Our experienced personnel are knowledgable in APS processing are available to answer questions and offer their expertise in processing any requests.

EIS can also be used as backup for processing medical requests. Should a client's office become inoperable for whatever reason, clients can seamlessly activate EIS's APS unit for processing of all medical record requests until operations have been restored.

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