Express Imaging Services
Express Imaging Services

Connecting You to the Information

Express Imaging Services (EIS) provides advanced solutions in the requisition of medical records for life insurance and financial professionals across the nation. EIS utilizes secure portals and advanced technology to transfer and receive confidential information between provider and requester, anywhere in the world. We provide a level of service to clients that far exceeds industry standards.

Key Services

What Makes Us Different

Unique Service Options
Clients can select the best service options for their needs—full service, or individual access—which allows for a more efficient, flexible workflow to meet your specific requirements.
As a HIPAA compliant company, clients can be confident that the highest level of security is applied to each phase of the medical record retrieval process.
Strategic Partners
Strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations provide clients with a streamlined platform to ensure all requests are processed in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
Expedited Processing
EIS is dedicated to providing clients with unsurpassed access to APS records during critical policy approval periods. Clients across the nation experience an average 10- day return on orders.
Streamlined Authorization
EIS has an extensive database of provider- specific authorization forms, which allows streamlined processing and reduction of errors.
24/7 Access
EIS systems are online and accessible to clients 24/7. No matter where you are in the world, you can connect to the information you need.
International Retrieval
We communicate regularly with international medical facilities and doctor offices, following specific processing guidelines, to ensure accurate translation of our requests and retrieval of medical records.
Reliable, Cost Effective Solutions
EIS provides some of the lowest pricing in the industry and we are committed to working with each client to customize a fee schedule which works for you.