EIS Underwriting Solutions

Our underwriting solutions helps speed up the review of records, giving clients the ability to underwrite more business and facilitate an accelerated decision-making process by providing XML and JSON data feeds that can be ingested by a rules engine.


Digital data optimization to include de-duplicating, normalizing and structuring of unstructured data. Developing intuitive data sets with embedded hyperlinks to make Diagnosis, Rx, Treatment and other pertinent information easily accessible.
EIS Digital provides Data Analytics to assist with Underwriting review and rules engine development. General data output includes ICD-10, Snomed and RxNorm codes.
Ability to summarize complete Medical or EHR data sets within hours.
Provide a “go/no-go” type automated reporting from medical record sets in a matter of hours.
Streamline the secure transmission and data output of records.

EIS Quickview gives an overview of the applicants APS or EHR data and the organization of specific record content. This allows clients the ability to access the source material from the report via embedded links. It provides an accurate and unambiguous listing + location of specific topics, subtopics and critical information. Clients also receive "Most Recent" details around the clients medical profile.

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