What is EIS Direct?
Electronic Health Records (EHR) has quickly become a valuable source to underwriters for screening applications. EIS has developed a secure EHR to APS streamlined ordering process. Clients now have the ability to order and view EHR's and make a decision prior to ordering APS's. In addition, this service is available to any client who has a valid HIPAA authorization. Our EHR ordering process DOES NOT require applicants to release their patient portal credentials.

EIS has established secure connections with the leading electronic health data providers. In addition, you can now request EHR data within your EIS Direct platform and receive records overnight, rather than waiting weeks and saving you hundreds per chart in state fees.

Seamlessly Transition EHR to APS Retrieval with just OneClick.

EIS provides Attending Physician Statement (APS) retrieval on a global scale. Our experienced staff is available to expedite medical record requests within an average of 14 business days from almost anywhere in the world.

State-of-the art technology and strategic partnerships ensure efficient ordering, imaging and viewing of medical records for clients. Select from an array of ordering options, which include seamless system integration, agency management software integration and secured online ordering.

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