Express Imaging Services Introduces Electronic Health Record Ordering via EIS Direct

Express Imaging Services Introduces Electronic Health Record Ordering via EIS Direct

TORRANCE, Calif., May 4, 2020 /-- Express Imaging Services (EIS), a leading provider of patient medical record retrieval for life and disability insurance carriers, today introduces the ability to order electronic health record (EHR) data via their EIS Direct platform.

In light of COVID-19 and the recent difficulty in receiving timely patient medical records, it's more important now than ever to have a faster alternative to accessing traditional medical records. Those in the life and disability insurance space seeking medical information have long been relegated to placing orders and waiting weeks for a response from medical offices. Now they can take advantage of a more convenient and cost-effective method of receiving medical information by utilizing EHR data.

EHR data has quickly become a valuable source to underwriters for screening applications. Now, through a partnership with Clareto and other reliable data sources, EIS clients can request EHR data that can be returned overnight, rather than the weeks it may take other providers. The ability to pre-screen, decline and triage cases weeks faster delivers considerable cost savings -- underwriters will save hundreds per chart in state fees.

Beyond the speed of the delivery, perhaps the most remarkable feature available in EIS Direct is its format ordering flexibility: clients can order EHR data and seamlessly transition to request a traditional attending physician statement (APS) with just a click. The ability to order multiple formats – either simultaneously or in succession – is a one-of-a-kind feature unique to EIS Direct.

Paul Terry, CEO of EIS, said, "We recognize that quality, availability and speed are essential to healthcare data requestors, and we understand the burden of waiting weeks for a response. We added the EHR ordering features to EIS Direct to provide an easier user experience. With the wealth of data from Clareto, we now offer the most comprehensive and convenient EHR data retrieval tool on the market."

EIS and Clareto are among the key players who are building the interoperability bridge between the data sources and the requestor. David Dorans, CEO of Clareto, added, "Partnering with EIS means more open access to information, and this is just the start of expanding healthcare data availability. Together, we'll continue to innovate the field of health information exchange, offering functionality that simplifies the entire process and makes the customer's life easier."

EIS is committed to making the retrieval process as seamless as possible. With the ability to review request history, provider and case manager contacts, authorizations and more, EIS Direct aims to offer constituents an all-in-one solution.

Existing EIS clients can access all these tools in their platform starting today. Note that EIS Direct adheres to stringent security protocols and does not require applicants to reveal their patient portal credentials. HIPAA authorization and basic patient information are all the underwriter needs. Anyone seeking to learn more about ordering EHR data or EHR to APS ordering capabilities should consult with EIS today.

About Express Imaging Services (EIS)
Express Imaging Services (EIS) provides advanced solutions in the requisition of medical records for life insurance and financial professionals across the nation. EIS utilizes secure portals and advanced technology to transfer and receive confidential information between provider and requester, anywhere in the world. We provide a level of service to clients that far exceeds industry standards.

About Clareto
Clareto is a long-time innovator in the field of health information exchange. Founded in 2000 by Virginia healthcare providers, its focus has been on initiatives that improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health data. MedVirginia was the first HIE to be live on eHealth Exchange, the nation's largest query-based health information network.

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