Express Imaging Services
Express Imaging Services

Summaries and Underwriting Solutions

Express Imaging Services Inc. and Aosta Insurance Services LLC. have joined forces to better serve the industry, their clients and focus on the future of the insurance industry.
The partnership between these two industry leaders will continue to shape how business gets done. With this partnership, Express Imaging can condense and summarize files which highlight the most pertinent information, allowing clients to access this information immediately. Express Imaging Services Inc. and Aosta Insurance Services LLC. partnership streamlines the delivery of records and underwriting risk packages to customers, while creating an opportunity to build an informal marketplace driving new revenue and new product campaigns.

Connecting clients to larger documents faster and more efficiently.
The partnership speeds up the translation of records, giving clients the ability to underwrite more business and facilitate an accelerated decision-making process by providing highlighted hyperlinks to information that underwriters need access and assess faster.

Record Retrieval and Underwriting Solutions
- Streamline the secure transmission of records between partners
- Coordinate IT resources to deliver records to carriers
- Deliver applications to the Life Insurance space that will drive additional revenue
- Provide a true end-to-end, drop ticket type solution
- Process a full, legacy record set to complete an Underwriting package in less than 14 days on average.
- Provide a “go/no-go” type automated reporting from legacy record sets in a matter of hours upon record receipt
- Digitize and then Structure paper records into an intuitive data set that learns and grows with your portfolio.

For more information or to schedule a quick demo, please contact Anh Le at or call 888.846.8804 ext 229