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Underwriting Solutions

Summaries and Underwriting Solutions

"A proven process resulting in faster cycle times and improved underwriting for quicker underwriting decisions for applicants" says Paul Terry, CEO for Express Imaging Services, Inc.

Express Imaging Services Inc. has entered into several strategic partnerships to better serve the industry, our clients, and focus on the future of the insurance industry.
Our partnerships with industry leaders will continue to shape how business gets done. We now have the ability to condense and summarize files which highlight the most pertinent information, allowing clients to access this information immediately. Express Imaging Services Inc. and our partners help streamline the delivery of records and underwrite risk packages to customers.

Connecting clients to larger documents faster and more efficiently.
Our strategic partnerships help speed up the translation of records, giving clients the ability to underwrite more business and facilitate an accelerated decision-making process by providing highlighted hyperlinks to information.

Record Retrieval and Underwriting Solutions:
  • Streamline the secure transmission of records between partners.
  • Coordinate IT resources to deliver records, data and summaries to clients.
  • Ability to summarize a full medical record or Electronic Health Record, regardless of page count in 24hrs (on average). In addition, our Underwriting teams can also provide Data Analytics to assist with Underwriting review. General reports include ICD-10 codes, Snomed codes and Rxnorm codes.
  • Provide a “go/no-go” type automated reporting from medical record sets in a matter of hours.
  • Digitize structure/unstructured data including paper records into an intuitive data set with embedded hyperlinks to make Dx, Rx, Tx and other pertinent patient or doctor information easily accessible.